The balance of subtlety and sophistication is the main characteristic of this residence at Thane. The decor reflects plain luxury in a modern and efficient flamboyant look. Each of the 4 bedrooms are unique in their own ways and fine tuned to the user’s expectations. The modern contemporary theme across the bedrooms was supported with simple straight line furniture design.

The Parents room is a subtle grey and white combination. Materials used here are soft, taking care of the old couple that stays in the room.Master bedroom is again in shades of grey and white, with elegant huge back painted glass wardrobe, spacious dresser area, which brings elegance to the room. The brass inlay in the bed back, with a beautiful painting adds a hint of color to the young couple’s room.

Daughter room is in shades of tropical colors. Huge wardrobe glass shutters and dresser create a beautiful space in the room.Guest bedroom is in shades of brown to give warmth to the room. Living room, along with dining area and Pooja room create a beautiful ambience for family to enjoy their time.

Date:Nov 2017
Space:4 BHK
Project cost:Rs. 5000/- per SQFT
Client:Gautam Sidhwani